Useful information

In order to help you plan your travelling arrangements and to make your trip more enjoyable, here is some useful information.

Moisie Nipissis Outfitter Inc. has adopted in 2002 a policy of live release of all salmon caught on its territory and is a participant in the Atlantic Salmon Federation live release recognition program. We are grateful to you for supporting us in our efforts to conserve the precious salmon stocks of the Moisie and Nipissis Rivers.

We ask you to use flies mounted on single barbless hooks. They are much safer for the fish and it is much easier for your guide to safely release your fish.

Your daily quota is three salmons released.
Quebec live release salmon fishing licences are available for purchase at the lodge.
Air Canada Jazz and Provincial Airlines offer daily flights between Montréal and Sept-îles. Our driver will meet you upon your arrival at the Sept-îles Airport.
You do not have much time to make purchases in Sept-îles. It will be helpful if you already have all your fishing equipment and other items that you will need during your stay at the camp.

There is no liquor (spirits, wine or beer) at the lodge. However we can purchase whatever supplies you may need. Just send us a list of your requirements, two weeks in advance, and it will be at the camp when you arrive.
Our rates include transportation by helicopter to and from the Fork’s Camp. Because of the weight limit and the space available in the baggage compartment of the helicopter, you should use non-rigid and medium size luggages. We recommend that you limit your baggage to:

  • Two bags for fishing gears and clothing
  • A rod case for two rods

IMPORTANT :If your group has excessive baggage, an extra helicopter trip can be provided, but it will be added to your bill.

Departure from Sept-îles to the fishing camp
Our transportation service will take you from your hotel or the Sept-îles Airport to the helicopter company hangar around 11:30. The flight to the camp takes twenty (20) minutes. A lunch is served upon your arrival at the camp.

For safety purposes, we recommend that you leave the loading and unloading of your luggages and fishing gears to our employees or to those working for the helicopter Company
Our staff will be at your service and will see to your comfort.

As indicated in our pamphlet, you share a cabin with your fishing partner or possibly with another client.

Upon your arrival, you will be familiarized with all our facilities, meal hours, fishing hours, security measures and live release policy.
You will have the opportunity to fish in the evening of the day of your arrival at the camp. Our chief guide will assign you a guide for the duration of your stay. The choice of pools for the first day will be determined by a draw. For the following days, a rotation system will be applied.
You need good fly fishing rods, strong reels containing 150-200 yards of 20 pounds capacity backline with WF9F and WF9ST fly lines. We recommend that you bring a good supply of leaders, testing no less than 12 pounds. We also suggest that you bring spare equipment. Wet and dry flies of sizes 6, 8 and 10 of all popular patterns are used. To make live release safer, we ask you to use single barbless hooks.
We recommend you bring warm clothes.

Don’t forget :

  • Rain coat
  • Running shoes
  • Waders with felt soles (rocks are round and slippery)
  • Polarized sun glasses/li>
  • Fly repellent of your choice

The departure from the fishing camp is at 12:30. A light lunch is served at the camp before your departure.

In order to be able to end your fishing trip in a relaxed mood, we recommend that you confirm your return flight from Sept-îles late in the afternoon or during the evening.
In case of emergency, you can be reached at the following numbers 418 962-1334. Your messages will be transmitted to you at the camp.

It is very important that we know in advance your mode of transportation and your estimated time of arrival in Sept-îles. Please advice us as soon as possible of your arrangements.

If last minute information is needed before your departure, please contact Charles A.Langlois or Johanne Soucy at 418-962-1334, fax: 418-962-8363 or leave a message on our phone answering machine.

Important… safety

It is strictly forbidden for our guides and employees to consume alcoholic beverages on the premises. 

Under the influence of alcohol our guides will not be able to work properly thus jeopardizing your security and fishing pleasure. Please help our employees respect these rules and regulations by not offering them any alcoholic drinks.

Flotation equipment is mandatory when traveling in the boats.

Do not hesitate to contact us if additional information is required.

I will be pleased to see you on the Moisie River.

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