The cottages

The cottages

The Outfitter’s main camp is located at the junction of the Moisie and Nipissis rivers also called the Fork. The clients are lodged in 5 comfortable cottages equipped with 2 beds, a washroom and a shower. In other words, guaranteed tranquility.

The main lodge offers rustic comfort and a generous table.

Its Dinning Room

The pleasures of the outdoors cannot be complete without the pleasures of the table. The dinning room offers plenty of fresh local seafood, fresh in season fruits and veggies, artfully prepared meat…and fishing stories. We take care of your stomach, the rest is on you.

The Chalet at the Basin

From the veranda overlooking the Bassin always moving water, the angler, while enjoying a cigar plans his encounter with salmo salar. The undisputed king of this unique place in the world, where dry fly fishing is at its best, offers a ferocious fight and obliges the angler to call on all of his or her skills and concentration before giving himself or herself the satisfaction of releasing it.

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